Ubu Roi Open Session
International Theatre Residence, Brzezinka-Wroclaw 2016

UBU #128
with Raffaella D’angelo, Sheila Faermann, Anna Fressola, Elvira Hsissou, Raffaella Menchetti, Merche Perez, Martina Ricciardi, Theodora Shtembari, Alexandra Stroe, Mariza Theofylaktopoulou, Paulina Wilczynska, Zanicca Yuan, Sepandar Akbari Alam, Marco Berta, German Gundin.
Direction and dramaturgy Raul Iaiza
With the artistic, pedagogic and pataphisic collaboration of Laura Curino, Else Marie Laukvik, Isabelle Maurel, Luis Torreao and Dawid Zakowski
Coproduction Regula Teatro and The Grotowski Institute
Ubu Roi is an archetype. And is also a multiplier machine of archetypes. Political, with capital “P” … or whit the lower case ‘p’? Power, caprice, misuse, arbitrariness, selfishness. Everything under the idea of the project, the future, the development and –of course- the use of force, always (is it possible to submit without brute force?).
Since its genesis, and beyond all pataphysics that may have generated, Ubu is an archetype. He was born as puppet, “moved by means of nerves, of cords”.
128 It’s Ubu’s age when he saw the light as a puppet, in the first Jarry version of 1888. Being over one hundred years old, Ubu is no longer a boy, he is reaching the age where you have to be someone in the adult world. No?
UBU#128 is an international project, with a group of young actors. They also are reaching the age where you have to be someone in the adult world. And the age when you have to choose if you will move or will be moves by means of cords.
UBU#128 is a multilingual performance: Polish, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, French, Iranian, and Kazakh. As in the original work, all references to events, people and places are fictional, of pure provocative pataphysics.
Ours Ubu is son of our period: the non-communication due to the excess of communication.UBU # 128, “… it happens nowhere”.  That is everywhere.

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9 Maggio 2017

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